Six tips to keep your vehicle air conditioning operating at its best

Here are six easy tips to get the most from your vehicle air conditioning system, making sure it keeps you and your passengers cool during the long hot summer ahead.

1. Start off with the windows open

When you get in the car on very hot days make sure you open as many windows as possible, set the A/C controls to MAX and the fan to HIGH. This will blow all the hot air from the car and the inside air temperature will cool down quickly. Once the vehicle interior has cooled down, shut the windows and keep them shut.

2. Using Fresh or Recirculating mode

Once the temperature within the vehicle has cooled down use the recirculating mode to keep the car cool.
On longer journeys, the family road trip holiday, it is advised to use the Fresh mode to reduce the build-up of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide build-up occurs through normal breathing when no fresh air enters the vehicle cabin. It can make you drowsy and lose concentration.

3. Use your air conditioner to defog the windscreen

Your air conditioner not only cools the vehicle but also removes the humidity that causes the windscreen to fog up. Even in winter, the air conditioner can be used to defog the windscreen whilst the heater is running.

4. Keep your air conditioner smelling fresh

If your air conditioner seems to produce a bad smell, this could be the result of a build-up of harmful mould and bacteria. Setting the system on fresh mode occasionally can help this problem but if it still persists Mobile Air Conditioning Services can help. We have the latest Ozone machines designed to kill all the bacteria and leave your car smelling fresh and clean. Don’t hide behind a cheap air freshener, keep your air conditioner clean and breathe freely.

5. Run your air conditioning system regularly

By running your air conditioner for at 10 minutes, once a week, even through winter, will help keep the system in tip top working order. Running it regularly keeps the compressor seals lubricated and the hoses supple helping to prevent refrigerant leaks.

6. Service your air conditioner regularly

It is recommended that your vehicle has a full air conditioning service every two years, but preferably annually. Getting this done in the cooler months will ensure it is working at its optimum during the warmer months. It is also recommended that the receiver/drier is replaced at the time of the service.

Contact us today and take advantage of our 10-point air conditioning service check.
  1. confirm any system issues or concerns
  2. visually inspect all system components
  3. check the refrigerant charge level
  4. pressure test the air conditioning system for leaks
  5. add the correct refrigerant charge to system and check performance
  6. check operation of all components including fans, compressor/clutch and controls
  7. check system operating pressures and temperatures
  8. prepare a list of items requiring service, replacement or rectification
  9. replace serviceable items including drier, service valves, accessible O-rings and cabin filter (where applicable)
  10. retest system for pressures and temperatures
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