Common myths shattered

Your car air conditioning system is similar to the air conditioner in your house, or your fridge and freezer.
The refrigerant (gas) that is used to cool the air is sealed into the system when it is installed and does not get “used up” or “run out” through normal use.
A very small amount of refrigerant may permeate through the hoses over the years, however, this is not enough to stop your air conditioner from working.
If your system is low in gas (your air conditioner may not be cooling very well or at all) then there is probably a leak somewhere in the system that will need to be repaired.
It is illegal in Australia to “re-gas” an air conditioning system without looking for and repairing any leaks. You should be wary of anyone who offers a re-gas without inspecting the system thoroughly first.
To ensure your air conditioning system operates properly when you need it, service it regularly using qualified and experienced trade people. Mobile Air Conditioning Services are Arctick accredited and trade qualified ensuring your system is expertly serviced and maintained, safely and legally
  1. confirm any system issues or concerns
  2. visually inspect all system components
  3. check the refrigerant charge level
  4. pressure test the air conditioning system for leaks
  5. add the correct refrigerant charge to system and check performance
  6. check operation of all components including fans, compressor/clutch and controls
  7. check system operating pressures and temperatures
  8. prepare a list of items requiring service, replacement or rectification
  9. replace serviceable items including drier, service valves, accessible O-rings and cabin filter (where applicable)
  10. retest system for pressures and temperatures
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