Poor cooling or air flow from your car’s air conditioning?

A car air conditioning evaporator before (left) and after (right) cleaning

If you have noticed that the air flow and cooling from your car’s air conditioner is not what it is used to be, you may have a blocked evaporator. The evaporator is critically important to the proper operation of your car’s air conditioner. As your evaporator absorbs heat from the car interior, moisture from the air condenses on the evaporator which turns to liquid (water). This water picks up traces of dust and dirt that enter the system via the blower fan. When operating properly, the water should empty out through the firewall taking all debris with it. In some cases, the build-up on the evaporator becomes too much and the fins becomes “caked” with grime, blocking the air flow. If you have poor air flow give us a call. A dirty evaporator will not only stop your air conditioner cooling, it could cost you more in fuel to run. The evaporator does not always have to be removed from your car, saving you even more money.

Contact us today and take advantage of our 10-point air conditioning service check.

  1. confirm any system issues or concerns
  2. visually inspect all system components
  3. check the refrigerant charge level
  4. pressure test the air conditioning system for leaks
  5. add the correct refrigerant charge to system and check performance
  6. check operation of all components including fans, compressor/clutch and controls
  7. check system operating pressures and temperatures
  8. prepare a list of items requiring service, replacement or rectification
  9. replace serviceable items including drier, service valves, accessible O-rings and cabin filter (where applicable)
  10. retest system for pressures and temperatures
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